About Jen


Jen Gilbert is a teacher living and working in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Since starting in education almost 20 years ago she has worked with every grade level from Kindergarten through adult learners in some capacity. Want all the details? Contact me for a very detailed CV!

Standard Bio:

Jen is both a Learning and Behavior Specialist and a STEM Specialist. In addition to an undergraduate degree in Learning Disabilities/Social Emotional Disorders, she holds certifications from Tufts University in Early Childhood Technology and Engineering Education, and a Masters in Science Education from DePaul University. When not creating innovative activities with teachers or working on social media integration projects, she can be found presenting on education technology topics. Jen provides professional development on blended technology, computer programming and robotics along with how to infuse STEM/maker education activities into the classroom. She also loves animals and if you ask her about her research on The Science of Flying Dogs™, she will teach you that dogs can fly and physics is a part of your everyday life.

Design Work

Much of my work with digital design and maker projects centers around dogs and STEM. I have experience with 3D modeling and printing, laser etching/cutting, and vinyl cutting. I use my own photos for silhouettes and design original items whenever possible. For design work I use a variety of tools from Google Drawings to Adobe Illustrator depending on the output. Please note that any design work shared is © Jen Gilbert and may not be reproduced or distributed without my consent. Please do share original posts through social media buttons on the website and link back to me as the content creator. Public projects that can be used with attribution are also made available on Thingiverse.

Why “msgilbertrocks”?

The origin of the “msgilbertrocks” branding for all things related to education and design started with one of my first favorite students back in the Chicago Public Schools system. This student would say “Ms. Gilbert, you rock!” or “You rock, Gilbert” and it stuck with me. For almost 20 years I have tried to live up to the name. It is used for my website and social media (Twitter and Instagram). Perhaps in the future it will become a lifestyle brand ;)

Nailed it

As time allows I will include more posts about activities or projects on the site. These will be under the EdTech category. While I try my best to make unique creations, please remember that I am more of a “Nailed It” than “Pinterest Perfect” person. Whenever possible I will share the experience of creating, and I hope that you can take what I do to build on it and remix it into your own version. Even if I do not always make time to reflect on the process, rest assured that I am making messes and failing forward pretty much on a daily basis. Thanks for your support and encouragement. I look forward to seeing what you do in your own learning spaces and hope to do more updates that include your remixed versions of projects. Please email me so I can share on the site and social media!

While I often work with companies and programs like those listed below and I am employed by schools for various positions, the views represented on this website or any social media channels are my own and not that of any company or school/employer. Tweets do not equal endorsements.


Ambassador/Certifications list

First cohort (2018) of US LEGO® Master Educators

Makey Makey Teacher Ambassador and
Invention Literacy certified (train the trainer)

Kodable Teacher Advisory Board

Tynker Blue Ribbon Educator

Screencastify Certified Genius!

EDpuzzle Coach

LEGO Education US Master Educator Badge_2018.png

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