Condiment Packet Organizer

Anyone else have an unused space in their refrigerator that they would like to make more functional? For me it was the “butter tray” compartment in the refrigerator door.

As a vegetarian who uses a non-dairy butter alternative, I have never really had a use for this area of the refrigerator. An assortment of condiment packets made their way to this area and were a constant threat to make a daring escape, leaping out of the refrigerator if this compartment was ever opened. That made it less functional as a space to store condiment packets or other small items. Anything placed inside would just end up in a large pile that made opening that compartment to access anything a gamble. Will they all fall out or won’t they? No one would ever know!

condiment packet organizer for fridge.png

Once I finally made time to measure the space and design something it was fairly quick to put together two options. I used Tinkercad to model both versions of the design. I knew I wanted to have the option to use both versions, so I selected the overall dimensions to ensure two could fit side by side.

Even though the dimensions of each organizer are the same, the interior organizer is different. Each organizer is 4.5" wide, 3.25" tall, and 4" deep. This fits the compartment for my refrigerator exactly. The organizers fit in the compartment snugly and do not move around very much when the door to the compartment is opened. While I do not actually have much to store in there at the moment, it is nice to know that the space is more functional for organization of small items. I hope someone else can make use of the organizers so I have shared them on Thingiverse. Please keep me posted if you make one (or more) and let me know what you end up using them for in your kitchen or any place else!